Interim to permanent

a Rapid, cost effective hiring method

The REC says that it takes 68 days on average to complete a permanent hire. Excluding weekends, this equates to around three and half months. Then you can probably add another four weeks while you wait for the candidate to begin settling in and getting to grips with the role. That’s around five months in total and the wait can certainly have an adverse effect on the business.

Many firm use the “Interim to Permanent” solution, since some interim managers are prepared to consider longer employment depending on the nature of the role.

Experienced Interim Managers, available at short notice, are used to hitting the ground running, so can be an excellent option in situations where the role needs to be filled urgently. Candidates who put themselves forward for interim to permanent assignments are an excellent source and can reduce the time to hire considerably, enabling your business to get up and running immediately.

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